Anything but the Best

All my life I have heard the line “you deserve nothing but the best.” Well-intentioned as the sentiment was behind the line, as a credo this screwed me over. A friend of mine insists that the word ‘deserve’ implies an action on my part, like “he got what he deserved” implies he did something and the result was fitting. In my experience, the word ‘deserve’ separates action from result. This perception of the word could be because of how it has been used – “nothing but the best” is a very vague statement that lends itself to obscuring the gradations of good – what if I just get ‘better’ for now, or what if ‘alright’ is all I can handle?

If I earn something, it’s mine by right of having it as a goal and achieving it. Rather than “nothing but the best,” what I want to earn is a specific achievement.

One thought on “Anything but the Best”

  1. It’s been a while since I posted this and I feel like I’ve come along way from that “entry level job making copies”. I’ve been working at my education in computer science at Johnson & Wales, networking aggressively with professionals in the field here in RI, and pursuing my own independent projects. I’ve been promoted to a clerk position at the company where I work, so I am literally not making copies any more. I would take back the frustrated tone of this article and say it’s never too late – although I still believe your philosophy is what makes the difference between achieving and stagnating.

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