2007 Little People Awards

Who am I to judge?  Exactly!!!

Here are people who make the cut when it comes to sheer awesomeness – I’ll put down first names only along with a description of why they’re so cool.  By the way, everyone I know deserves an award for awesomeness, so I’m excluding people I speak to on a regular basis, just to be fair.

Phil – self-employed real estate agent, recommends the Hillsdale Imprimis (www.hillsdale.edu/imprimis – check it out), with his own money gave out plaques to local businesses that were making the papers just to recognize effort, he is overcoming a physical handicap that at one point threatened his ability to walk

Steve – professor of medieval studies, has overcome a sight handicap to become an expert on Hildegard of Bingen

Lyn – author of children’s books, started a program to encourage fourth graders  in literacy and writing

Roberta – director of a local horseback riding program for the handicapped

Ken – professor of biology, has defended the study of evolution in schools and written a book about preserving faith while still believing in the scientific method, also volunteers as umpire for middle school softball games

People make a difference one kind act at a time.  Their example inspires me to actively pursue goals that will enrich my own life and the lives of those in the community.

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