Listening and 100 Tweets of Wisdom

I have always been the person with something to say.  Not that I am always producing content, but when it comes to social media it is typically because I want everyone to listen to me.  It’s weird how things kind of come together but I also had my 900th tweet coming up, and wondered if there might be some way I could use those 100 tweets before 1000 to do something more interesting than the usual day to day “what are you doing?”

My last blog post was on copyright and file sharing, and Chris Bloom took it upon himself to comment on it – a great and detailed comment that reminded me of Chris Brogan’s post “Finding Treasure in the Comments” – and inspired me to start reading more of the blog posts of those people I know and follow on twitter.  For the last few months I’ve been an eager audience of Mashable and TechCrunch, but I asked myself, do I know what my friends are working on?

I’ve created a folder in my Google Reader to keep track of rss feeds of friends.  I’m committing myself to comment frequently on their blogs and stay up to date on their projects.  And now I’m dedicating one hundred tweets from 900 to 1000 to retweeting people that I find inspiring, informative, funny, and original.

Now if anyone has any more ways that they like to keep track of what their friends are posting, tweeting, or working on, I’ll be glad to listen.

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