100 ReTweets of Wisdom – One Month Later

As an experiment, 100 RTs was not the most rigorous.  I started at 900 Tweets and I am now at 977, having only actually done 21 ReTweets.  So what did that accomplish?

First of all, I learned how hard it is to give up any tweets at all, for the sake of experiment or other.  I got some follow backs, which was fine.  I found out how difficult it is to find tweets of any substance by using search.twitter.com.

Did I discover cool new people to follow?  Resoundingly, yes.

More importantly, this exercise made me reach out of my twitter comfort zone and find people with no prior connection to me.  This underscores a feature of twitter unique among social media networks – you get to know people based on what they think, not what friends they have.


technogoddess Today, I came out to play when I would have hidden. And it felt liberating. It wasn’t for her, but for me and the next woman who deserves me
Brian McLeod
LoudMac Today is one of those days to just pick one off the list of “everything that cannot be completed today” and knock it out.
mikhelk Sometimes I need to be reminded that I always have choices. Often many more than are 1st apparent. No matter where I am or what’s before me.
Rob Knight
robknight Never underestimate the power of a simple message to the client explaining honestly where a project stands. That’s all they need.
Dave Whelan
djwhelan My uncle just joined Facebook. Worlds collide. It can’t be very long before my father and future in-laws join. Maybe the world is too small.
Sarah Dopp
sarahdopp Low tide with storm winds. The water has a huge space to dance with. The ground is covered, then big and empty.
montythestrange Tech section of the office is getting the hax0r vibe; dark skies outside, no lights on by us. PHP Ninjas coding by the light of the LCD.
Maggie Mason
Maggie I want to achieve maximum efficiency without getting all worked up about it. I’m aiming at peacefully frantic. Serene rampage.
patobryan everybody needs someone to look up to and someone to look down on… and apparently, something to fear.
secretsquirrel Spent most of my weekend playing an evil bisexual hooker-warrior in a game. I am worried what would happen if I did not have these outputs.
heyitsnoah Just failed six CAPTCHAs in a row. Does that mean I’m a robot?
CatBailey Why do I get told it’s ironic when I suggest someone ELSE see a shrink? It’s not like I’m hogging the crazy over here. *pissed*
Pedro Valle
petevalle Stealing some WiFi over at Dunkin Donuts. This is the sort of hijinks only a nerd gets excited about.
Nicole Reising
colereising Ran in the rain tonight-decided insurance on my blackberry might actually be a good idea afterall. 🙂
Shannon Thompson
TheBathProject made some Chai Tea with local honey, watching the sun come up over the mountains out back, a beautiful pale pink with orange tinge aaaahhhh
Warlach Oi, seriously people, the internet is not rocket science. “Notepad” is not an appropriate response to how your site publishes content.
matthewktabor bittersweet blog moment: trying to research a topic and finding only your own posts addressing the subject
burstein Met the ex. While it is a bad idea to bring a stick to a gun fight, sometimes a olive branch works out ok.
Rowan Price
roprice there’s a whole new generation of web developers who’ve never had to write actual Javascript, cuz they’re using JQuery. Green with envy 🙂
Karen Cardoza
mrsb Ok.. time to just pick a task and jump right in. There will be no fairies coming in the night to do everything for me.
Annalie Killian
maverickwoman NY times cover story: Obama vs McCain approach 2 maintain US relevance thru technological innovation. Obama strategy better but execution?