You have the mike

I originally attempted to write this as a comment on the New York Observer’s article on 140 Conf but my comment was repeatedly marked as spam as well as my email to the site administrator. Oh well to that.

Picture being at Jeff’s conference at one of the sessions, take Jack Dorsey’s (founder and CEO of Twitter). Jack speaks into the microphone and it expands the reach of his voice from fifteen feet to one hundred feet.

Now take Jack’s microphone and give it the power to record what he says and play it back for anyone to hear for the life of the microphone. Not good enough? Jack, say something to your friend in St. Louis, or to one in Los Angeles or London. Better yet, this microphone is two-way, so Jack’s friend in London can answer him either as a private whisper, or as an equally public broadcast, able to be heard by both friends in LA and St. Louis. How much will Jeff Pulver pay Jack to use that microphone at his conference?

Turns out this microphone is free to use and available to everyone and anyone. What a guy Jack …

When Jeff talks about the State of Now, he’s talking about the movement away from the archives such as the library or the expert and into the age of the device, that broadcasts both ways instantly and globally.

Go ahead. Speak into the mike. Anyone?

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