Two Months in … Working at Axeda

Two months into being an Innovationeer at Axeda, I ace the “waking up to work in the morning” test with flying colors.  Who wouldn’t want to be at the cutting edge of technology, with knowledgeable peers and mentors actively looking out for me, working on projects that are not only competitive, but compete with entire industries?

Let me say that again – each and every application built on the Axeda Platform models an entire industry.

Axeda’s signature product, the Axeda Platform is a secure and scalable foundation to build and deploy enterprise-grade applications for connected products, both wired and wireless.

Got a vending machine?  Connect it and harvest data for marketing.  Own a fleet of trucks?  Find out their location, speed, and maintenance history.  Work in the health industry?  Monitor your patients’ statistics transmitted from their mobile devices, while they check into their appointment on a kiosk that feeds your dashboard.  Providing solutions as diverse as the products they connect, the Platform’s full potential is waiting to be realized. 

With all this excitement, can you believe they’re still hiring?  You too can witness the emergence of a connected planet, or you can be the one who makes it happen.

Contact me today if you’d like to submit a resume or drop me a line on Twitter where you can find me as @saranicole .