Next Actions – Stand Against the Trump Regime

Now that Trump has declared his intention to act against the people of the United States, I reached out to a friend of mine who gave me a list of next actions she and her wife have already taken for fighting the regime.
– Attend the protests & marches
– Sign the petitions on
– Join your local Indivisible chapter. These groups are pretty new and disorganized, so not a lot of unified action yet, but these are providing opportunities to fight the travel ban
– Become a monthly donor to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, CAIR, MIRA, and others.
– Subscribe to protesting journalists and periodicals – NYT, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor
– Find your Congressional representatives and send them daily calls/emails voicing your concern.
For Massachusetts these are:
Ask friends & family in other states to call their Republican representatives
– Commit to the 10 actions / 100 days campaign from the women’s march:
From Chelsea:  My wife & I had a few friends over on Saturday and we made postcards together.
Clearly we are not artists 🙂 But it was a great way to bond while taking action.

​- Sign up for SwingLeft
– Donate to a local mosque and write them a letter expressing support.  Send care packages and letters to Muslim friends, neighbors, students.
– Get involved in our community and get more involved in local politics.   Have you ever thought about running for local office?
– For the spiritual minded, attend church, for support and as a way to become more involved with like-minded local people.
– Speak out on social media and stay tuned for news about protests and other events.
With all the liberties I have enjoyed throughout my lifetime, this is a chance to pay them forward for the next generation.