What have I been working on?

Masterless Puppet, Kubernetes tutorials, and poking around Unity.

Masterless Puppet
I created an RFC that laid out the design for migrating from Masterful to Masterless Puppet. Puppet is an automation tool that relies on a client that in a Masterful architecture will dial into a Master server to ask it for its instructions. In a Masterless architecture, the client compiles its own instructions, bypassing the need to engage in frequent back and forths to a bottleneck’ed server.

I created a cluster on Amazon’s EKS and spooled up a Jenkins deployment. In the process I racked up an $80 AWS bill and learned about all the components you have to clean up in order to avoid getting charged $$.

I created the beginning of a text-based adventure game and familiarized myself with the Unity IDE.

Meanwhile …
JAJ took her first steps! She’s catching up …