Resolving Hadoop Problems on Kerberized CDH 5.X

I ran into a problem in which I had a Kerberized CDH cluster and couldn’t run any hadoop commands from the command line, even with a valid Kerberos ticket. So with a valid ticket, this would fail: hadoop fs -ls / WARN ipc.Client: Exception encountered while connecting to the server : GSS initiate failed […]

Update on Minecraft on Digital Ocean

DevOps Day is this week! For the presentation I have a brand-y new Ansible playbook up on Github that lets anyone roll their very own Minecraft server on Digital Ocean. Check it out at You can also see how the playbook works in action on Asciinema at *Even Later Update: Slides are posted […]

From Zero to DevOps through Minecraft

I am blessed with a pretty awesome family, and as part of that awesomeness it just so happens that my sister’s two kids have a passion for Minecraft.  Her oldest, Cyrus, is 9 years old and had on his own already gotten into the more technical aspects available in the PC version of Minecraft.  When I saw […]

DevOps Engineering at Teradata

In May I switched companies and tech fields – I am now working as a DevOps Engineer at Teradata.  During my last year at Axeda I had the opportunity to work on projects dealing with Amazon Web Services and EC2, and I became fascinated with the idea of managing infrastructure in code.  I am more […]

9 Connected Hacks Covered By O’Reilly

The AT&T Hackathon in January was a blast, and my coverage of it as an M2M coach for the Arduino hardware gained some attention. Check out the O’Reilly post at and the original at

Two Way Communication Via Post with a RESTful Web Service in Android

In order to create an Android app that could consume data from a web services call, I had to be able to post data to the web service. I posted data via the DefaultHttpClient class, then parsed out the JSON-serialized response. The code for the post was the following: public String callServiceAsString (String webservice, ArrayList […]

jQuery Deferred is an Ajax Coder’s Dream

As an Innovationeer, I seek out the interesting technological developments that can make my code more elegant. One of those developments has been jQuery’s Deferred object, implemented in jQuery 1.5 and after. The Problem: Imagine you’re the referee in a dumptruck race. The first one to reach the finishline and dump the trash is the […]