The Art of Breaking Your Design

ro·bust·ness: the degree to which a system operates correctly in the presence of  exceptional inputs or  stressful environmental conditions.       I had the bittersweet experience of watching my app break in a demo, bitter because everyone was watching and sweet because it was a demo.  The failure resulted from my assumption that the wireless network would […]

Popping kernels: how long does good writing take?

  In the age of print, lengthy articles gave readers the feeling that they got their money’s worth.  Writing was planting a seed that bore fruit, but only after investing a certain amount of time, emphasizing quality over quantity. 140 characters revolutionized the idea that content has to be lengthy.  If print is fruit from […]

Fishing for a sunburn: the guaranteed outcomes of taking action

How satisfying is it when you set out to accomplish something, strive for it and get it, all in a nicely packaged crescendo to climax?  For most of us living in the real world, these sorts of single-play successes are not the norm.  Instead, we have to work at it with patience and persistence, and […]