What’s your image? Your do, your presentation? Some people (like me) like to go with what’s natural to put it nicely, or the default to put it more bluntly (and precisely). Some people like stand out and even go for a bit of a shock value, going from the quirky end to the radical. I […]

Going on Life #2

I checked into Second Life, and I can already tell I’m hooked.  I’m still trying to figure out basic things like how do I IM someone who’s not there and how do I link prims together.  It’s really fun though.  I went to a dance party (Superman was grooving there), participated in a philosophical discussion, […]

Anything but the Best

All my life I have heard the line “you deserve nothing but the best.” Well-intentioned as the sentiment was behind the line, as a credo this screwed me over. A friend of mine insists that the word ‘deserve’ implies an action on my part, like “he got what he deserved” implies he did something and […]

Brick in the wall

I earn a paycheck la dee da dee dah – but is that good enough? I’m in school, studying theory – fascinating reading material, eighty dollar textbooks. What this blog is about is aspirin – oh wait, aspiring to be more than you already are, but also being realistic. I have limits and I have […]