Seven Things I’m Thankful For

I’m writing this because Adam Darowski, charitable man that he is, listed my name on his blog as one of the people tagged to write what they’re thankful for.

 So here goes:

  1. My cat – a little feline loving goes a long way
  2. Superman – Chris Reeve rocks, and Tom Welling is hot as hell
  3. Creed – can’t listen enough to their CD Greatest Hits
  4. The Internet / E-mail / Computers – all that communication, the challenges of programming, I actually enjoy it
  5. Cell phone – I can be reached by phone – yippee!
  6. Friends – having people to do fun activities with is the coolest thing ever
  7. Family – sisters, parents, extended family, nephew – need I say more?

And here comes the part where I tag people, hmm, who do I know that has absolutely no time to do anything and for that very reason should be thinking about what they’re grateful for:

  1.  Andrew Shearer
  2. Jack Templin
  3. CheriE Summer
  4. Meghan Schaub
  5. Tiffani Allen
  6. Ray Dillon
  7. Joshua Martin

Have fun!