What’s your image? Your do, your presentation? Some people (like me) like to go with what’s natural to put it nicely, or the default to put it more bluntly (and precisely). Some people like stand out and even go for a bit of a shock value, going from the quirky end to the radical. I definitely have the urge to customize my appearance according to my preferences and as a means of self-expression. I go for the shapely but reserved look at work, but I’ve been known to do the eye-popping sexy look during a night on the town.
Ready for a night on the town!
Part of the appeal of exercising my control over my appearance is the feeling that I’m exercising control over my life. To some degree, this feeling is based on reality. Others will respond to me appropriate to the quality of the clothes I’m wearing and the care I’ve taken to look nice. It also has to do with how my appearance makes me feel – assertive and a teeny bit naughty, or dependable and a quality person.
A touch of class