Going on Life #2

moon in sl

I checked into Second Life, and I can already tell I’m hooked.  I’m still trying to figure out basic things like how do I IM someone who’s not there and how do I link prims together.  It’s really fun though.  I went to a dance party (Superman was grooving there), participated in a philosophical discussion, and rode a flying horse.  So far.  The cool thing is when I’m done on Second Life, in Real Life I feel really energized and motivated.  It’s so easy to move virtually – you can walk, run, fly or teleport – that it makes me want to go for a real run.  The other thing is it’s very easy to meet people.  You can start a conversation by chatting openly and then switch over into a private IM channel.
     If anyone reads this who is on Second Life and interested in meeting me, my avatar is named Thisbe Streeter.  I’m generally online after 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time.  See you there!