Blogging Passion: Why do I write?

I am so not even a B-lister – and the fact is, I’m not interested in blogging for status among my social media peers.  If I were, I’d have to work harder, for one thing.  Who needs that … so why do I write?

 I write for anyone who takes an interest in me through my other activities and wants to read more about how and what I think. 

There are a few impressions of me that I would like someone to take away once they have read my blog.  True to form, I will make them into bolded subheadings:

Breadth of interest
I am a student, first and foremost.  I like learning and honing new skills.  My posts show a variety of interests and a tendency to challenge myself in different technologies.

Documenting my Activities
I’ve blogged on my projects, such as NewBCamp, in an attempt to maintain a record of what I’m producing with my skills and how I’m participating in the broader social media network.

Showing a Personality
I want anyone who reads my posts to get to know me better as a person.  I have a sense of humor and an interesting take on life in general, so I hope my blog spreads the word about the character that is Sara Streeter.

Passion to Grow
I enjoy writing for its own sake.  Additionally, I find that it sharpens my understanding of myself and my pursuits, giving me a platform for “thinking out loud.”

Success, in blogging as in life, is all relative to the intent.  I hope my blog posts bear witness to the fact that, hey, I’m having fun.